The AI Oath

I hereby pledge that
to the best of my knowledge
and to the best of my ability,
I will think about the larger consequences
and use AI only for good.

    For example: Member, EU Parliament; IEEE Fellow
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    AI is changing the world and we are not prepared.
    Dive deeper with Dr. Dirks’ Keynote on the human impact of generative AI, which sparked the inception of the AI Oath.

    About Us

    The AI Oath gathers a diverse community of people – technologists, AI specialists, educators, professionals, fathers, mothers – all bound by a single, powerful commitment. We pledge to use AI for good, combining creativity and ambition with empathy and wisdom. This is a space where human spirit meets technological promise, where you can be the architect of the future.

    We warmly welcome you to join us on this remarkable adventure. Pledge the ‘AI Oath’ and be a part of this thriving community that aims to make AI a positive force in our lives.Together, we’ll inspire change, foster mindful innovation, and build a future where AI is a powerful force for good – used with wisdom, fairness, and inclusivity.

    The Genesis

    The AI Oath grew out Dr. Radhika Dirks’ keynote ‘The Human Implications of Generative AI’ . We invite you to watch this thought-provoking keynote which acts as a springboard for our rapidly growing community.

    Meet Dr. Radhika Dirks

    Acclaimed by Forbes as a ‘Woman in AI to Watch,’ and recognized by Deloitte as a leading Woman Executive in AI, Dr. Radhika Dirks is among the top 30 women building advanced AI.

    As the visionary CEO and founder of Ribo AI, Radhika leads the charge in creating groundbreaking solutions for curing cancer. She is also the brain behind XLabs AI, focussed on building audacious moonshots using Artificial Intelligence. Before XLabs, Radhika founded and led Seldn: an AI that predicted the rise of ISIS. Her experience includes being a founding member of Shell’s $1B venture capital group and serving as the COO of Rotary Gallop.

    Radhika frequently advises Heads of States and Fortune 100 executives on the future of disruptive technologies. She holds a PhD in quantum computing, a Masters in nanotechnology, and has authored 22 peer-reviewed publications on next gen computing, garnering more than 360 citations. Among her achievements, Radhika developed one of the world’s best sources of entangled photons for quantum computing.

    Radhika’s expert analyses and commentary have been widely featured in media outlets such as BBC, Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.

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